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Guy submitted: “I’ve always been into my aunt, but she never knew. She came into town last week and we went boating. She wore only a thin white tank top and a tiny bikini bottom for the boat ride. I’m driving around, and she says that we should swim for a bit. We jump in and swim for a while. We got back on the boat and her amazing tits are completely visible through the tank top. She saw me staring at her boobs and she said, “You wanna feel them?” I was in heaven. She had the best feeling tits ever. We drove back to the house and the second we get in the house, she’s pulling my swim trunks down and starting to stroke my cock. She askes me if I wanna fuck her and I tell her that I’ve been dreaming of it since I was a teen. We fucked the entire weekend all over the house until she had to leave. She told me if I ever get the urge, to call her and she’ll show up and we’ll do the same thing for a weekend. I love my aunt.”

Congratulations to you both! Always happy to hear a story with a happy ending (hahaha) for everyone! You should show her my tumblr ;)

Love your blog. I'm new here and hungry for followers. Can you help me out? If not that's ok. Keep posting the great pics and captions
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Thanks! Consider this a shout-out :)

Hi! I havent been on Tumblr lately and incidently the day i opened Tumblr was also when you returned. Missed u. And love you. Keep posting!
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Synchronicity! Kismet! Fate!

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Just a quick note to tell you that I really enjoy your blog
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Aw, thank you :)

Mom says I’m going to have to get a lot better at sucking daddy’s cock if I’m going to be able to keep him happy while she’s in Europe.

Daddy tells me that we have to be careful, and that we’re going to get caught. I tell him that I don’t care, and that I love the way teasing him in public makes him crazy.

My brother’s girlfriend told me he’d asked for a threesome for his birthday. When I showed up, he tried to get me to leave, but I could see from the bulge in his pants he liked it. 

My uncle said I could earn some money if I came over and washed his car. I guess he liked the way I did it, since he gave me $100 and told me I’d need to do it again next week

My uncle said I could earn some money if I came over and washed his car. I guess he liked the way I did it, since he gave me $100 and told me I’d need to do it again next week

So, I got an email from tumblr saying I’m “one more uncontested notice away from termination” for copyright violation.

So… if this suddenly disappears, you’ll know why.

Oh, and hey. If you have an issue with copyright and want something of yours taken down, why don’t you do the cool thing and send me a note instead of running off and reporting it. Everything on here was found through google image search, usually on about 500 different tumblrs. I don’t claim to own any of this stuff, and if you give me a heads up, I’ll totally take it down. I actually do respect copyright, but when you can find an image on about a billion different sites, how the hell is anyone supposed to provide proper attribution? 

Anyway, just wanted to let all my fellow pervs know what’s up.


Mom called right when things were getting good between me and daddy.

Mom called right when things were getting good between me and daddy.