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I have to get up for school earlier, but it’s worth it to have shower time with Daddy.

Ok… snorting coke off my sisters chest was probably way over the top… but she’s so sexy, and nobody knew we were related, and, well… we both loved it.

My sister worries about getting pregnant, even though she’s on the pill. But she will let me cum all over her pretty face… I guess that’s ok…

My uncle lives across country and can only visit a few times a year. Thank god for Skype.

via text: “hey dad. mom says not 2 worry that im taking good care of her while ur out of town.”

When dad’s away on business, mom breaks out the cards and lets us drink a little wine. A few more hands, and we can start playing out other games…

Sometimes, Daddy can’t wait for me to get my pants off…

via text: “I know you’re busy at school, and i’m sure you have lots of little sorority sluts to play with, but don’t forget mommy loves you best xoxoxo”

Daddy’s lap is still my favorite place to be.

My cousin thinks I’m asleep when he creeps into my room and takes pictures. If he doesn’t get his nerve up soon, I’m going to have to start sleeping naked…