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Turning ordinary porn into incest themed perversion.


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anon44 submitted: my cousin wanted to show me her newest piercing.

are you bisexual?
incestdreams incestdreams Said:


I can tell that your a girl. I'm not asking or anything I know you said you don't like talking about that and that your not telling us but you yourself made it easy to figure out And Btw i love your blog lol
incestdreams incestdreams Said:

Glad you’re enjoying it. :)

Asker mcloven77 Asks:
I have slept with my sister when I was young. Is that why I am turned on by brother sister porn?
incestdreams incestdreams Said:


Asker nolij84 Asks:
U ever acted on incest?
incestdreams incestdreams Said:


Is this perfect rack yours ?(link below)  Such a perfect size.. big enough to be true cock magnets..too big to be hidden…yet small enough to manage in everyday life :)

Sorry, no. There are no pictures of me anywhere on this. It’s a great pic though :)

Love you blog. Have been turned on for quite awhile by incest porn. The captions just help with the hardon.

Glad you’re enjoying it :)

I pulled back the covers, expecting to see my girlfriend… but it was Mom!

I pulled back the covers, expecting to see my girlfriend… but it was Mom!

My Aunt always brings the best toys with her when she comes to visit

I swear to god Daddy’s going to get us both arrested…

I swear to god Daddy’s going to get us both arrested…