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One of my Aunts was very young when my grandmother had her later in life. I went to live with my grandmother for the summer and “Hayley” was 17 at the time and I was just turning 12.  At that age I had a constant boner and was a total horn dog 24/7. My aunt Hayley was hot and we shared a bedroom for the summer.  I guess my grandmother didn’t think much about it given our age difference and had no idea what “Sexy Aunt Haley” really had in store for me.

Being a horny young boy I loved to jerk off every night before bed. One night I thought I was being quiet so my aunt wouldn’t hear me when all of a sudden I hear moaning coming from her bed. She was rubbing herself with me!  We both came and didn’t say anything the next day.

The next time I couldn’t wait to go to bed early. My aunt Hayley was right behind me. I had my pajamas on and hopped in to bed.  Hayley would wear those cotton all in one nightgown things.  We waited for the house to get quiet and then she tapped me on the shoulder. Finger held to her lips I got out of bed and stood in front of her.  She undressed me until I was completely naked and hard.

She climbed in to her bed and lifted her nightgown up past her waist and then laid back down on the bed. She opened her legs and rubbed herself a little for me…making eye contact the entire time as I knelt between her legs.  It was the first pussy I had ever seen.  She whispered to me “use your tongue on it.” I did as I was told. That was when I felt and tasted the best thing in life. A wet warm pussy…she was soaked.  She trained me how to eat and lick her pussy so she would cum again and again.  When my Aunt was done she would make me stand up and she would kneel down and suck my cock until I had an orgasm.

This scene was repeated nightly and I get hard every time I think about it.  To this day I love burying my face in a nice pussy and I’m rock hard as I type the message to you and your blog.

mmmm nice story. thank you so much for sharing it. :)