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Ive always had this little thing for my cousin. Even when we were little. I found my self always trying to love on her and be close to her. Me being a year older than her i always felt like i needed to protect her. 

Shes always been pretty cute. But again, being older i felt as though i should protect her from all these guys that would try to rob her of her innocence. It wasn’t until i was a senior in high school did i start looking at my cousin in a different way.

All of the sudden, in my mind, my cousin went from that cute girl i wanted to protect and be a role model for, to an extremely sexy woman. 

It hit me. I could not keep my eyes off of her. She would come over for family events in some skimpy clothes and my eyes could not resist. Id always try to catch glimpses of her when she unintentionally has her legs open. With her short shorts on i could tell that she had a perfectly shaved pussy. 

My mind went wild. I tried pushing all these crazy thoughts aside. She was my cousin. I can’t be doing this. If she felt the same then everything would be great. But if she didn’t… Im just that weird guy who wants to fuck his cousin. 

Every time i saw her she got sexier and sexier. She wore really short shorts and a very low cut shirt exposing her C cup breasts. There was something else that really turned me on about her. Her feet. She always had them perfectly pedicured. I couldn’t help but imagining sucking each one of her toes. With her perfectly painted pink toes i could not help but feet my penis bulge against my zipper every time i looked at them. 

But my thoughts had to stop. I was way too shy to even slightly bring up the fact that i thought she was the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen. I was way more scared of being denied and laughed at and made a fool of forever in my family than just going for it. 

One day, we had her and her parents over for dinner. She lives sort of far away so seeing her is always special. She picked this day to look exceptionally sexy. She was wearing and extremely low cut shirt and a bra that pushed her breasts up, making them almost pop out of her shirt. She had on some yoga wants which enhanced the size of her already amazing ass. She wore some regular flip flops but had her toe nails painted red. 

I almost melted where i stood. I immediately felt my cock fill with blood and get very hard. How was i supposed to control myself around something so sexy? I had to do something. What was to stop me from throwing her on my bed and nailing her tight virgin cunt? 

My shyness. I couldn’t do it. What if she didn’t want it? I had to stop. The night went by unbelievably slow. I tried to keep from getting caught staring at her during dinner. Then every one sat around talking. My mind swims with thoughts of licking every inch of her sexy naked body. 

It gets late and because they live so far away, and our parent by then are beyond drunk, they decide to stay the night. Our house has plenty of rooms for everyone to have their own room. But I cant help myself from wishing that she would sleep in my room. But i know it would never happen.

They find their way to their rooms and I lay down in mine alone. I cant help but touch myself thinking about her. I stroke myself that night and orgasm imagining it was in her smooth virgin pussy. I fell asleep and had more dreams of doing naughty things to my sexy cousin. 

I wake up that morning on my own. I feel very rested. I wake up extremely hard and immediately think about how my cousin is in the other room right now. Is she naked? I wonder what she sleeps in. Did she think about me last night? All questions i couldn’t get the answer to. 

I walked out of my room and headed to the bathroom. I noticed the house was unusually quiet. Especially since it was about 10. I came back out of the bathroom and looked for signs of life. I stepped into the living room and see my cousin sitting alone on the couch.

“Where is every body?”

“They all went to the mall. They said they’d be gone most the day. I didn’t want to leave you alone by yourself all day.” 

She cared enough about me to not want to leave me. That had to mean something. Did she want me after all? I cant be getting a big head. 

“Well thank you for staying.” I said. “I would have been really bored by myself.” 

“Oh your welcome.” she giggled. 

Damn even her laugh is sexy. Im alone with her all day. How am i going to control myself? I sat next to her and watched TV with her. We made small talk and i again tried to not get caught staring at her. 

“it just sucks i can’t find a boyfriend. Nobody wants me” She said. 

“I honestly don’t know how you dont have guys falling all over you. Your very pretty Ashley.” 

I looked down. Scared of what i just said. How would she react to that? Was I weird now?

“Oh my god thank you so much! At least someone thinks so!” she replied. 

“I’ve always thought you were pretty Ash. Your beautiful.”

“Aww. God why do you have to be my cousin! Your always so nice. I’ve always thought about what it would be like to have you as my boyfriend.” 

At this point i have so many thoughts running through my mind. 

“Really? I’ve thought about you being my girlfriend too.” I reply shyly. 

“I’ve got a question for you.” She says.

“Sure. You can ask me anything.” 

“So.. I am a virgin as I’ve told you before. And i don’t know what to do with a guy..” 

“Well there is only so much i can tell you without showing you..”

“That is what i was hoping… I was hoping you’d show me what to do.”

My mind is racing. Is this really happening? My cousin who i have been dreaming about having sex with is practically throwing her self at me saying I’m allowed to take her virginity.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry i should not be asking my cousin this! What was i thinking?” she says.

“No, no. Your completely fine. I was going to suggest the same thing actually.. I think your very sexy.” I quickly reply.

“Really? I think your sexy too..” She says shyly and giggles. “There’s something I’ve always wondered..”

“What is it?”

“I’ve always wondered… How big your dick is..” she blushes.

I grab her soft hand lightly and place it on my lap. “Well now you can find out” I say. Gaining confidence the more i see she is in to me. 

Her eyes get really wide as she tries to feel my rock hard dick through my shorts. She slides her hand down my shorts and grips my thick cock. My breath is taken away as soon as her hand touches me. I can’t believe my cousin has her hand on my dick right now. 

I look into her eyes and she looks back. We both lean in and our lips meet. My dick is as hard as it has ever been. This is what i have been dreaming about. 

She pulls my shorts and boxers all the way down. She brings her foot up and rubs my cock with it. I look at her surprised and she smiles at me.

“I see the way you look at me feet” she giggles.

I smile and blush. I start to speak but i cant find the words. She quickly shuts me up when she starts stroking my hard cock with her feet. Her perfect toes are so sexy as they stroke my big dick. Her sexy red toes smother it so perfectly. 

She stops and puts my dick in her mouth. Her tongue swirls around my tip sending chills down my spine. I hold her beautiful blonde hair out of the way as she sucks my dick with a combination of her mouth and her hand. Ive never felt this good in my life. 

I stop her and kiss her beautiful lips softly. 

“Its my turn to return the favor babe.” i say smiling. 

I take her shirt off revealing that she has no bra on and exposing her perfect breasts, which are amazingly perky. I take one of her nipples into my mouth and my tongue circles around her areola. She begins moaning lightly. My hands explore down her body and slide off her shorts. She is wearing a lacy red thong. I kiss the inside of her thighs as i pull her thong off. 

Finally after all these years, I see that beautifully shaved virgin pussy that i have been dreaming about for so long. She reaches down and spreads her lips exposing her tight pink pussy. Unable to control myself i immediately go down on her. I hungrily eat her soaking pussy and suck on her swollen clit. She moans loudly and grabs my head pushing it harder into her pussy. Loving ever drop of her juices i lap it up. Her back begins to arch as she lets out a huge orgasm. 

“Scott i want you to fuck me.” 

I smile and grab my rock hard dick. I rub her throbbing clit with the head of my big cock. She lets out soft moans. I slowly begin to push the head of my cock into her tight virgin pussy. She screams scratching my back as i continue sliding inside her. Our lips lock in a passionate kiss as my dick penetrates deeper, taking my cousins virginity. 

“Baby shove it in me!” she moans loudly, grabbing my ass making me ram my hard cock into her tight cunt. She screams loudly. I see a single tear glide down her beautiful face as i take her virginity. Her soaking wet pussy wraps around my dick, holding on to it. 

I get as much as my cock into her as i can. I slowly slide out and start to fuck my cousin nice and slow. I grab her right foot and start to suck on her pretty toes as my big cock stretches her pussy. 

“Oh my god Scott your so big! Fuck me with your big cock!”

I rammed my dick into her harder still sucking on her toes. Her pussy tightens around my dick and her body spasms as another orgasm pulses through her body. I grab her amazing breasts as I prepare for my own orgasm. 

“Fuck, Ashley I’m going to cum baby.” I say as i start to pull out to cum on her stomach. 

I feel her legs wrap around me and pull me closer. I can no longer hold back. I grab her perfect tits and i unload all of my cum into my cousins sweet pussy.  

“Oh my god Ash i came inside you.” I said surprised.

“I know. It felt amazing baby.” 

We hear the garage door open. We both look at eachother stunned, not sure what to do. We rushed to clean up and put our clothes on. 

“I thought you said they’d be gone all day!” 

To Be Continued.