Incest Dreams

Turning ordinary porn into incest themed perversion.


In case it wasn't obvious, everything here is fantasy.


All pictures and stories, whether posted by myself, or shared via "ask" or "submissions" are merely thoughts shared amongst like-minded people, and neither the writer, nor the website operator support any kind of illegal activity, sexual or otherwise.


The people shown in pictures or videos are assumed to be 18 or older.


Feel free to message me, or ask me, or send me dirty pictures you want me to post with captions, or whatever. I like it.


Although I won't answer any questions that have to do with my gender, my age, or where I live. Sorry, just not my thing.


There are a couple of rules though:


If you send me a story or caption idea with any age under 18 in it, I’m deleting it. I’m not going to jail for you.


If you send me a story that has no paragraphs or punctuation, I’m deleting it. You’re not Kevin Spacey (although, if you are, omg seriously email me) and this isn’t “Seven”.


I don’t much like animated gifs, so… use discretion.


If you want to contact me directly, or send me something longer than the ask/submit boxes can handle, feel free to send it to:




Abuse my inbox, and there's going to be problems...


Also, I'm often not around for days at a time, so if I don't respond to your ask or whatever pretty quick, don't worry. I generally get around to things.


Daddy makes me dress up for bedtime.

Daddy makes me dress up for bedtime.

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