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So I’m not sure if any/many of your followers are into anime, or even if you are…But I just finished reading a manga that was completely incest based. It gets a little weird at one point, especially if you grow attached to characters, but it’s good and has a ton of sex scenes. It doesn’t show too much of the guys dick, but it shows a ton of boobs lol Basically, it’s about a family. A mom and three siblings are the main characters. The siblings are (in order of age) Aki, Sora, and Nami. Sora and Nami are twins, but Sora and Aki start out with the sex scenes. I don’t want to say much about the other characters, for anyone who reads it because I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s really good and I’ve found it to turn me on quite a lot. Some of it gets a tad weird, but it’s still good. There’s about 30 so chapters in the whole series. Fakku has the first few episodes on video, but I can’t find the rest on video, so you/others would have to read it. If anyone has an ipod/ipad or whatever, they can download the Manga storm app for free and use the server mangafox.

The anime is called Aki-Sora.

You could probably google it and find it else where, otherwise if anyone is really interested I could take screenshots of the whole story and upload them to my blog.

Sorry for the long rant about anime, but I thought that this would be a good place to share for anyone who likes anime and incest lol it has a good plot. ^_^ Sorry if you’re not super interested or if I’ve wasted any of your time!!!

No waste of time. Always glad to pass on ideas to others :)

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