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NN ( submitted:

I have this fantasy (only a fantasy and that is all it ever will be!) that I want to share.

A daugther goes to the lingerie shop and brings her dad along to pay for the clothing. The dad waits bored but patiently while she tries different bras in the fitting room. After a while he walks over and asks her how she is doing, and she says she cannot decide and invites him inside to give her his opinion. He is unsure at first but join her anyway when she begs for his help. In the small booth he then watch his teenager daughter trying on sexy bras. She turns her back on him each time she changes, and turn around again when she has the bra on. The dad cannot help getting rock hard being so close to her halfnaked body, witness her in those sexy lingerie that smoothly and neatly hold her round and firm bosom in place while she asks him to look carefully at her. Eventually the daughter notice the erection standing in his pants. They eye eachother but does not say anything. Instead the teenager daugther drops here eyes to the erection and looks at it with a  small smile on her face. After a few seconds she reach for it and tender it gently, before pulling down the fly and bringing it out in the opening. She caresses it and begins gently to give him a hand job, sliding her hand up and down like only a teenager can do. And then, neglecting completely the other customers and the shop assistanses in the shop, the daugther goes down on her knees and takes the cook in her mouth. While sucking her dad of she undo her bra and lets him finaly see and touch her lovely breasts. Finaly she lets him cum over her, and suck him clean when he is done. Afterwards the dad happily buys her all the bras she tried on.

Did you like it? Share one of yours and I’ll give you another one.

I do like it :)